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Performed at Nottingham Playhouse on Saturday 25th July, 2022.

The opening number featured the turning down of multiple types of planning applications.

The story revolved around Perkins, a junior planning officer who worked for the man who “invented planning”. Perkins has been approving way too many planning applications and his boss refuses to let him approve one for a local orphanage.

Mrs Hopkins, the nasty keeper of the local orphanage has one very special orphan in her care, who has magical powers when it comes to drawing. This orphan draws a brand new type of house “a semi detached” which has never been seen before. Sometimes her drawings of people can also come to life.

Perkins does a deal with the devil to get the planning over the line for the orphanage, but it involves him killing his boss. When Perkins attempts to do this, the orphanage owner and her union-rep love interest both get shot in the cross-fire.

Thankfully the orphan uses her magical drawing powers to bring them back to life, in time to approve planning for a brand new semi-detached house for the orphans to live in.