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Performed on Saturday 19th March 2022 at NonSuch Studios in Nottingham, this musical centred on a DJ who was buying a one-way ticket to Ibiza to achieve her dream to be the best DJ in the “country of Ibiza”.

When arriving in Ibiza, our hero discovers her DJ nemesis is already on the island trying to claim the same title. In the past, her nemesis ruined a DJ set for our hero by leaving the turntables on the wrong speed and “making Eiffel 65’s ‘Blue’ sound like Barry White” something that “94 of the Eiffel’s never forgave me for”.

Also on Ibiza are two dance music producers and their German promo guy, excited about the release of their next hit song.

Our hero decides her DJ name must be DJ Travelator and she takes on her nemesis in a DJ battle. After losing one round and winning another, the two DJs decide to join forces to become the ultimate DJ partnership.


Jeanette Bird-Bradley
Emily Brady
Jack Cross
Lloydie James Lloyd
Hannah Platts
Liam Webber

Sam Marshall
Daniel Potts